1. kristaferanka:

    I’ve finally joined the other working professionals and upgraded to a cintiq.

    so i decided to break it in with a sketch of Phoenix Psylocke a la the phoenix five.

    (via comicqueens)

  2. Irina Shayk

  3. Kanye West w/ Daft Punk - Stronger - 2008 Grammy’s


  4. The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.

    Joseph Campbell

  5. Big Sean - Nothing Is Stopping You

  6. Vanessa Minnillo

  7. Nike Presents: Just Do It - Endless Possibilities


  8. "I never stuck my cock in the fox’s box/
    But damn if I ain’t open Pandora’s Box/
    They try to slander ya man on CNN and Fox/
    My Mirandas don’t stand a chance with cops/
    Even my own fans like, ‘Old man, just stop’/
    I could if I would, but I can’t, I’m hot/
    And you blow, I’m still the man to watch/
    Hublot, on my left hand, or not/
    Soon as I step out the booth, the cameras pop/
    Nigga’s is cool wit it ‘til the cannons pop/
    Now my hand on the Bible, on the stand/
    Got ya man in a jam again, got my hand in cuff/
    I’m like ‘god damn, enough’/
    I put down the cans and then ran amok/
    My hairpin pierce skin, rupture spleens/
    Crack ribs, go through cribs, and other things/
    No sympathy for the king, huh?/
    Niggas even talk about ya baby crazy/
    Eventually the pendulum swings/
    Don’t forget, America, this how you made me/
    Come through with the ‘Ye mask on/
    Spray everything like SAMO, I won’t scratch the Lambo/
    What’s it gon take for me to go?/
    For you to see that I’m the modern day Pablo/
    Picasso, baby/"
    — JAY Z - Picasso Baby
  9. maisonimmonen:

    Kaneda Jones, Sharpie Ultra Fine Point and Uniball Deluxe Micro on Stillman & Birn Alpha. Photoshop colours.


    Kaneda Jones - Stuart Immonen



  10. "Time to take it too far now/
    Michael Douglas out the car now/
    Got the kids-and-the-wife life/
    But can’t wake up from the night-life/
    I’m so scared of my demons/
    I go to sleep with a night-light/
    My mind move like a Tron bike/
    Pop-a-wheelie on a Zeitgeist/
    I’m finna start a new movement/
    Bein’ led by the drums/
    I’m a Rap-lic priest/
    Gettin’ head by the nuns/
    They don’t play where I’m playin/
    They don’t see what I’m sayin/
    They be ballin’ in the D-League/
    I be speakin’ Swaghili"
    — Kanye West - I’m In It
  11. Bruce Lee


  12. Work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger; more than ever, hour after hour, work is never over.

    Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger


  13. Not being yourself is never the answer.

    Black Canary - Young Justice

  14. Geisha - Mario Testino


  15. Creativity over all.